BIZ-check - social media

Everybody is talking about Social Media!

It feels like every week a new platform is popping out of the ground!

We probably all feel like we need to be everywhere, even though that's impossible.
The fear of missing out is real! ;)

Therefore I think this last part of the BIZ-Checklist is really important!

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Let's start with the Social Media part of the BIZ-Checklist!



Which Social Media channels do you know?

There are probably a ton of platforms you know or at least heard off.

Don't think that you have to know all platforms! You do not need to be everywhere!

Just get to know the most common ones, so you will know which one is the right one for you.

Get to know them and see which ones you like to use, where you get inspired and try to find out where your audience hangs out.


When you already have a couple of contacts, try to ask them where they are on social media and how they use it. A question about what they would like to get from that platform will also help.



Which are you using?

So now let's get some focus which platforms you are using right now. Do you know why your using them? Do you actually like to use them?



Can you put them in order of preference?

Obviously, this is about which ones you actually like! 



Which are you using for your business?

Sometime we only use a platform for our personal entertainment. So think about it, which platforms are you using for your business. Where are you sharing your new creations? Where are you letting people take a look behind the scenes?...



What are your goals with Social Media?

Being on Social Media solely to be there won't help you at all! So think about it! What do you want to get out of using Social Media? Be as specific as possible!



Do you have a business account for the following platforms?

You will have to make sure to create a business account for your business activities on Social Media platforms.

On Facebook you’re even violating the guidelines if you’re not using a business page when being active as a business. This means Facebook could shut down your account at any moment.



How often do you post?

Being consistent is really important on Social Media, so make sure you post regularly.
Having a schedule is great. People like to know what they can expect from you and it also will help you to manage your activities.


Take a look at what other successful creative businesses do on your most important platforms, this could help you figure out a schedule for your own account. And of course it will help you get ideas on what you could post about!



What are you posting about?

Make sure to write down what you’re going to post about, before you jump into posting!!



I hope this post about Social Media helps you.


There are so many things I could write about when it comes to using Social Media, but I think these topics are the most important ones especially in the beginning, and they are important regardless which platform you use!




XXX Kerstin


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