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Did you ever think about collecting email addresses from interested clients?

Probably you know all about being active on social media, but I would like to get you to think about starting a newsletter of some kind.

Even though many people are active on social media and you may or may not have a ton of followers there, you should definitely start collecting email addresses.

Writing your fans emails and reaching them in their mailbox is a really successful marketing tool!


So please dive into part nine of the BIZ-Checklist with an open mind.

This topic might be new for you but an email list is just such a powerful tool!


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So let's dive right in!



Are you collecting email addresses for a newsletter and online advertisement?

Writing an email newsletter is one of the best marketing tools you can have.


People will be reached directly, even when all the Social Media platforms shut down or change their guidelines, you will still have your contacts.

Your audience does not need to go somewhere else to hear from you, you reach them at their home base, their inbox. They already have the habit of checking their email regularly and you only happen to be right there.


You can build up a really strong relationship with them through your emails, and you can be personal in your emails, so they will trust and like you even more. This will set you apart from just someone they know from Social Media. You can become like a friend for them.


When you do reach them in their inbox, you can also collect information about things your followers like. This might sound a little creepy, but it will help you serve their needs even more and offer them services, products and artworks they just love.


One thing’s for sure, all the big businesses utilize tracking techniques too and they would definitely stop doing it if it wouldn't work. So I would like to invite you to take a look at the information you can get from your audience.



On which places on your homepage do you have the possibility to opt-in?

I know that those boxes where you can fill in your email address to sign up for a newsletter can be annoying sometimes. Especially because most of them don't look good.

So make sure to create beautiful opt in boxes.


However choosing the right esthetics for your site can be a hard task, having opt in boxes on your homepage should be non-negotiable. So there are a few places you should place an opt-in opportunity on your site:


  • One is right on top of your page in a Hellobar

  • one that is right underneath the menu, but on top of the content 

  • one that is in the footer of your page 

  • one in the side bar

  • one underneath blog posts 


I know this sounds like a crazy amount but, when done right they attract they eye of someone interested, but shouldn’t disturb people that are not interested at all!


So make sure to add those possibilities, don't be scared to add them. You’re a business after all and you want to serve interested folks even more, so make it easy for them to stay in contact.


Don't see it as spam, you’re not forcing them into joining your list!

You just want to serve them even more and give them something extra.


When writing / creating your newsletters keep that in mind! You definitely want to make them happy, so only send out what you would like to receive too!



Do you have opt-in-offers?

One way to start offering something special is to give every person that signs up a little treat. Use the little treat to get people to sign up, too!


Create a calendar printable, a guide on how to hang art works correctly, a checklist on what they need to do to prepare their cooperation with a designer, a holiday decoration guide, ...

Create something as a gift that your customers need or want from you. Prepare them for working together with you. Give them a free artwork of yours (digitally) and make them want even more from you!


Give something away and they will come back for more!

I understand you might be afraid to give something away for free. I was also really skeptical about this, but I found out that it works great.


Your fans will want even more from you, you give them something they can't get somewhere else and they feel connected to you. They see what you give for free and when the quality of your free stuff is good, they know the paid stuff must be even better and worth the investment.


Also when having an opt-in-offer creating Facebook ads and finding interested clients will be much easier!



Do you use the double-opt-in method?

In some countries you have to use this method, but I generally think this is the polite way of adding subscribers to your newsletter. Make sure to use this method! And checkout the laws in your country, you don't want to face penalties!!


What is a double-opt- in?:

The customer has to sign-up on your homepage with their email address. Then they will receive a confirmation email, after they have confirmed that they do want to receive your emails, your are allowed to send them newsletters.



Are you actively growing your email list?

Growing your email list should be a priority!

So whenever you’re meeting with interested people in person make sure to let them know how they can get regular updates from you!


Get people on your list via guest blogging, Instagram, Facebook, other Social Media.
Talk about your opt-in-offer online and add a link to it. Use all the possibilities you have on your homepage to get people on your list.


I would also recommend to start using FB ads. I recently started to use them and it is amazing!

Some advice, don't just jump into creating ads, using ads without any knowledge is pretty stupid and expensive. So make sure you get educated about them first!



Are you regularly sending newsletters?

Now after you’ve started to grow your list, you need to make sure to write to your community regularly.

I know this part is hard. But you should try to mail your community at least twice a month.

Keep the emails coming consistently and your fans will get to know you better.

They like to know what they can expect of you so make sure to find a routine and then stick to it!



Do you have a newsletter provider?

Sending out a newsletter without having a newsletter service provider is a lot of work. So make sure to go pro right away and get an account on Mailchimp, aweber or one of the other newsletter providers.


They will make it easy for you to collect email addresses, send out emails and learn more about your fans.



So there you have it!


I hope this post will help you understand newsletters, opt-ins and opt-in-offers a little bit more.


This is a pretty complex topic, so if you do have any questions don't hesitate to contact me!

I would love to help you!




XXX Kerstin


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