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Hi lovely,

do you blog?

I know sometimes it seems like everyone has a blog.

Therefor I dedicated a whole sections of the Biz-Check solely to blogging.

We all know a few things about blogging, but blogging as a creative business and blogging as a business are two completely different things.

Therefor I think there are a few things you should know and think about when it comes to blogging.

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So now let's dive right into part eight of the BIZ-Check:


What are your goals with your blog?

When you already have a blog or when you’re considering starting a blog you should think about the following:

Why do you want to start a blog? What are your goals?

There could be a lot of different reasons to start or not to start blogging. You should be really clear about your reasons before you start. If you solely think about starting a blog because everybody else is blogging, don't do it.

If the thought of blogging is freaking you out regularly, then it is probably not the way to go for you. 

But if blogging seems exiting to you and you want to use your blog to show a little bit more of yourself online, then go for it! Try it out, at least for a couple of months. If you don't like it you can always stop again.


Do you know what you're writing about and what not?

So let's pretend you do have a blog already or you’re going to start one. Do you know what you're writing about and what not?
Coming up with topics and especially a consistent range of topics on the fly isn't working very well.
So think about what are you comfortable to write about. What kind of topics are matching with your creative passion? What do you want to share with the world? What is it that makes your view special?

Write down everything and keep the notes at hand, you will need to check in with it every now and then to make sure you’re actually doing what you want to do.


Is your blog integrated into your homepage?

Most of the time, when I check out the homepage of a fellow creative I'm looking instantly whether they have a blog or not.

Looking at their blog I can instantly see what their creative passion is all about. I can see if they’re posting regularly and I might get to know how dedicated they are to their creative work.

When you post regularly about content that is relevant for your creative work, make sure to integrate your blog into your homepage. That way people have a reason to check out your homepage more often. This way it is a great opportunity to provide the visitors of your homepage with more than just the static content.

When you post only every now and then and your blog is mostly about your kids or your cat please don't integrate it into your homepage. Reading this kind of blog will only make people think that you’re a hobbyist.


Is the content matching with your business purpose?

Make sure to post about stuff that is relevant for your creative work.

Every now and then you should definitely post something a little bit more about your personal life, but people that are interested in your creative work, don't want to know every little development in your personal life. However they might be really into knowing what's going on in your studio, where your inspiration is coming from and how you’re creating your works.


Do you have at least one engaging, beautiful photo for each post? And do you own the rights of that photo?

Visual appearance is so important for a blog, so make sure to include beautiful images in your posts. As a creative you can also post an image only.

Having a beautiful matching image for every blog post, will help you interest people for the text. Most of the time we only look at the image to decide whether or not were going to read a post. So make sure the photo is matching the content and is attractive to the eye!


Is the navigation of your blog user friendly?

Having amazing content and imagery isn't enough for the visitors of your blog. So make sure they can find everything they are looking for easily

This is something I am working on right now so I do know how hard it can be to make the blog user friendly.

I would recommend to add a section to your blog where you display blog post that have a similar topic. So when someone liked the post they were reading they can go on with a similar post right away.

I know that in the beginning this can be really tricky, so don't be afraid to put your blog out there without those kind of enhancements.

However, make sure to take some time to get this done later!


Do you have an editorial calendar?

An editorial calendar is a calendar where you keep track of what you’re going to write about at which moment.

I love to do this! It helps me to plan out the content evenly over a few weeks. This way I am not blogging ten times in one week about the same topic.

It helps me to be consistent in how often I blog and what I am blogging about.

Some post will take a little bit more effort, because I will need to create special imagery for it or I have to do some research, so the calendar helps me to be prepared in advance.

So that why you should plan out your blog post in an editorial calendar.


Do you have blog posts prepared for the next two month?

Make sure to prep your posts in advance, write them early! Because you never know what’s going to happen and you might not be able to stick to your normal routine at all times!

Right now I am working on writing all the blog posts for the next two months. Probably I will write a few post spontaneous, but when I am busy creating stuff I don't have to stress about writing blog posts.

They are all already prewritten and scheduled for the right day and time so nobody will even notice that I am busy working on my new artworks when my new blog posts appear online.


So there you have it!

I hope those tips will help you make the right decision on whether you should or shouldn't be blogging.

If you have some thoughts on blogging I would love to read them. Just comment below!



XXX Kerstin


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