getting ahead of time!

Being consistent is probably one of the hardest things for me.

I write blog posts and then I don't publish them. I want to post on Instagram every single day and then I just don't do it.

I want to be in the studio working every day, however finding the time to do it is a real struggle.

I try to get out into the world, show my work and be visible-


That's why I plan out all my actions, but sometimes even if I planned out everything I don't always do what I have planned.


Can you relate? Are you struggling to follow through and be consistent in your creative BIZ?

being ahead of time, read the full blog post, the BIZ school for creatives.

I know I'm not the only creative struggling with this!

Of course there are people struggling more or less, however I think we all should get ahead of time. This will ensure that the ship is still going, even when we're not doing what we have planned to do.

You’re probably wondering what I mean by getting ahead of time.

It sounds a little weird, but what I mean by that is I’m working on getting blog posts written, social media updates posted, course material prepared, whatever it is I need to do…way before I need it.

That way I can focus on creating my art whenever I like without feeling bad about not writing a blog post. I can have a bad week where I won't get anything done or my little boy can be sick and I won't go nuts, because I can't get things done in time.


So let me tell you what I'm exactly working on to get ahead of time.


The first thing is I try to write my blog posts in advance, at least three months ahead of time.

I know this sounds really crazy and barely achievable. Right now I'm still not close to having three month of content ready to go, however I always have a week or two done, which is already giving me some breathing space.

I always make sure to schedule the posts right away.

Sometimes I may want to do a right-in-the-moment post, when that happens, I just go in and change the scheduled posts. Otherwise it is taken care of.

Another thing I do is, once or twice a week I go into the studio with my camera and take photos of the materials, works in progress, finished pieces, my mess... everything I might want to have a photo of for my social media channels.


Then I take all those images and drop then in my Dropbox, so I can access them whenever I like via my phone.


That way I'm creating my own stock of images, ready to go whenever I want to post on social media.

Bulking the process of taking those images is freeing a ton of time for me. Plus I'm really in a flow when I work in the studio and pausing to take photos in between working never really works for me.


There are a few other things I'm thinking about doing to get ahead of time, but for now I first need to get the blog post and photo taking to become a habit before I start adding on more.


So think about it… what could you do to get a head of time in your business?

What could you prepare in advance, what could you schedule or delegate?


Make a list with all those things!

Don’t forget to write down all those little things that really could be done by someone else!


My delegation list is really long, even though right now there is no one to delegate to.

But when I'm ready to bring in some help I can take out that list and get rid of those tasks quickly.


I would love to get inspired by your “getting ahead of time” list, plus what tasks you often get done way before their due date.


So comment below and share!



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