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Hey love,

Ready for the full blown business assessment?

Let’s take a look at every single part of your business the financials, your studio, the legal stuff, your website, your client service, your products, .... plus of course your big goals for the future.

This isn't meant to intimidate you, but it's a great start to discover where you're at and what you need to do to turn those dreams of yours into a reality.

Plus as your coach, I need to know in detail where you're at so I can support you in the right way for your circumstances. Don’t worry all answers will be completely confidential between you and me.

I know the form looks just a bit intimidating, however I promise if you set aside XX minutes you’ll be all ready to submit your answers.

I can’t wait to read through your answers!



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I'm enrolled in:
Are you earning as much money as you would like to earn?
Do you have as many clients as you would like to have?
Do you have someone helping you with all the business stuff you need to get done?
You don't need to write a full blown text, bullet points are good too.
You don't need to write a full blown text, bullet points are good too.
You don't need to write a full blown text, bullet points are good too.
Did you tell family and friends about your goals and dreams?
Do they know how they can help you?
Do you ask for help?
With childcare, the household, technical issues,...
Do you have childcare for your kids during work hours?
Do you tell your friends and acquaintances about your creative business?
Is the question 'What do you do? Can you make a living with that?' Trigger you or make you uncomfortable?
Are you visiting branch typical events?
Exhibitions, conferences, museums, other cultural events,...
Do you know the basic rules of bookkeeping in your country?
Can you prepare your paperwork for your accountant? Or do you have someone prepare them for you?
Do you have an accountant? Or are you able to manage your taxes yourself?
Do you know which documents you need to collect?
Do you know how long they need to be archived?
Are you familiar with all the taxes you're going to need to pay?
Do you know how much money you need to cover your private expenses every month?
Do you know how much money you need to cover business expenses?
Do you know what percentage of your profit you have to set aside for taxes?
Did you plan your financial goals for the next two years?
Do you put money aside for bigger investments in your business?
Are you saving money for your personal live?
Work environment:
Did you set specific work hours for yourself?
Do you know how much time you need to get specific tasks done?
Do you track your time regularly?
Do you have a workspace that is just for you? So you don't need to put away everything every evening and you can just start the next day where you left off.
Legal stuff:
Did you do research about all the different legal forms that are a possibility for your business? Did you talk to a lawyer about it?
Have you declared your business at the relevant authorities in your country? Or do you know when you need to do so?
Do you have all the appropriate insurance?
legal expenses insurance, Liability insurance,..
Do you have terms of use for your website?
Do you have policies that regulate the way people can do business with you?
Do you have privacy policies available on your website?
Is your business GDPR compliant?
Creative work:
Do you have a studio where you can work uninterrupted on your creative work?
Do you make pieces that aren't attached to any assignment?
Works that are about your personal development only.
Do you experiment with new materials and techniques?
Do you have contact with creatives inside and outside your field?
Are you seeking new inspiration regularly?
Take a look at your Portfolio: How old are the pieces you're showing?
Are you showcasing works and styles that you would like to get assignments for?
Do the pieces match with your current aesthetic?
Are the pictures you use in your portfolio / shop of high quality?
That means they're sharp, the colors look like in the original, there is enough light, you have optimised them,...
Are the photos taken from different perspectives, zoomed in and out?
Do you have a website for your creative business?
Do you have the following content on your website?
Check all that apply!
Are you using images, videos and texts online and offline of which you own the rights? Or do you have a written permission to use them?
If you don't own the right or have permission, get them offline and stop using them right away.
Do you know how you can use your own camera to make beautiful images of your works?
Do you know how to enhance your pictures?
With Photoshop, Canva, Pickmonkey or other programs.
Is the style of your website matching your business aesthetics?
Is the navigation of your website user friendly?
Let someone who has never visited your site before use it and ask them questions about their experience. I recommend going to a local college and ask students to be brutally honest and let them test your site.
Did someone check the spelling and grammar of your site?
Did you take a look at your site from different browsers and different tools?
Smartphone, Android, Iphone, tablets,...
Blog, Podcast
Do you have a Blog, Podcast or Youtube Channel on your website?
Is the content matching with your business purpose?
If you're a designer it is probably not the smartest thing to write about kittens only. Of course some private posts are great and a super way to show your personality, but you want the majority of your content to match your business.
Is your Blog, Podcast, Youtube Channel integrated into your website?
Do you have an editorial calendar?
Email marketing
Do you have an email list?
A list of people that agreed to receiving your emails?
Are you collecting email addresses for a newsletter and online advertisement?
Do you have opt-in-offers/freebies?
An opt-in-offer is a special gift a user will get for signing up for your newsletter. This could be a behind the scenes video, tips on how to care for your products,..
Are you using the double-opt-in method?
The customer has to sign-up on your website with their email address. Then they will receive a confirmation email. after they have confirmed that they do want to receive your emails, you are allowed to send them newsletters.
Are you actively growing your email list?
With webinars, workshops, at exhibitions, on your website,..
Are you regularly sending out newsletters?
Do you have a newsletter provider?
Like Convertkit. The email provider helps you manage your newsletter and makes it easier to collect email addresses. They also make it easier to send to your whole list at once.
Social media
Which social media platforms are you using?
Which are you using for your business?
How often do you post?