You have probably no problem creating your beautiful art, coming up with new ideas, figuring out technical challenges in the studio, working with your hands or in your Adobe programs.

However, when you're honest you kind off avoid one side of your business, the one that is about actually selling the beautiful work your creating.

You haven't yet fully owned the business aspect of running a sparkling creative business, which means you’re overwhelmed, your financial situation is making you cringe and you have no idea how to do this business thing at all.

Let alone build up a foundation for this creative adventure of yours that would allow you to create the creative lifestyle you've always dreamed of.

Of course that was the initial reason for you to follow your creative passion, but you're afraid to lose your spark through making this business work.

Let me tell you that you have all the solutions right within you! Let’s stop hiding from your own power.

Because you are indeed powerful. You're brave. You absolutely can do and achieve whatever you put your mind too. You have a good heart. A strong soul. You are worthy of everything you desire. You are enough. You are perfect the way you are!

You are the magic you're searching for! Everything you're looking for is right there.

Inside of you is the drive, tenacity, determination, grace, ease, flow, and fire you need.

You can turn that power into whatever you like.
Even the creative life of your dreams. If this is what you want.

Well, here at the sparkling creative we've got you covered, helping you embrace your inner guide.

We're all about helping you shine in your creative calling while running a successful, profitable and thriving creative business.

The sparkling creative Academy is a place for all creatives that don't want to settle into the starving artist myth, creatives that refuse to stop creating the work they're called to do, people who are ready to get this business beast under control for good.

the sparkling creative Academy,

 We've got everything you need!


A community full of sparkling creatives all working on their creative dream.

You'll receive all the business training you need to start, run and grow this adventure of yours.

We'll help you overcome those mindset hurdles that are holding you back, so you can show your inner sparkle unapologetically.

We'll hold your hand while you discover the harsh truth of your financial situation and help you make a plan to turn the current situation into financial abundance.

We're there to be your cheerleader, the mirror you need to reflect, the guides you’ll need when your inner guide is taking a day off, we’ll be celebrating every win small or big with you.



Shoot, doors are closed!

However, I would love to keep you in the loop.

We'll be opening up the doors later this year, just join our waitlist and you'll be the first to know it.

I promise it's worth the wait and I always have a special something for all my loyal waiters!



What's included:


1. We'll take you through a full-blown business assessment.

Which means we'll take a look at every single part of your business the financials, your studio organization, the legal stuff, your website, your client service, your products, .... plus of course your big goals for the future.

This isn't meant to intimidate you, but it's a great start to discover where you're at and what you need to do to turn those dreams of yours into a reality. Plus as your business coach, I need to know in detail where you're at so I can support you in the right way for your circumstances.


2. You'll be starting and ending your time in the Academy with a 30 minute 1-1 call with me.

During the call, we'll create a personalized action plan for your time in the Academy and after. We'll make sure you have a step by step plan that you can follow.


3. Once a month you'll be part of our focus calls.

In those calls, we're determining your priorities for the upcoming month, what you want to achieve and what you need to learn to do so. Plus I'm checking in on your progress and if necessary kick your butt.


4. You'll receive my weekly mind-set love letters. 

Your mind-set is the most important thing when it comes to growing your creative passion into a successful business. That's why we'll focus on elevating your thoughts every single day. I'll be sharing my favorite affirmations, journal prompts and motivational thoughts with you. Plus we'll discuss your insights in our facebook group together. 


5. You'll be part of our monthly Q'nA calls.

The calls are meant to give you the opportunity to ask me all your business and mindset questions. Don't worry if you can't make it live; you can always submit your questions before the call and watch the replay of the session.


6. You'll be paired up with an accountability partner.

Every week the both of you will have a short 20-minute call where you check in with each other, report about your wins, the progress you've made and what you're committing to do in the upcoming week. Your accountability partner is the one kicking your butt on a weekly basis; she's giving you some tough love when necessary and cheerleading you through the highs and lows.


7. You'll have access to all my training courses.

Including our monthly 'sparkling creative workshops' (worth 564$), 'How to get paid as an creative! Online marketing that sells without selling your soul.' (worth 950)$ and 'Create your website with ease! How to plan and build your website step by step, on Squarespace.' (worth 290$).


8. You'll get access to the tech vault.

Which is the sparkling creative tech library, the place where I store the ever growing amount of tech training I create for our members. You'll probably find all the tech training you need to start, grow and scale your creative business. However I'm always adding more tutorials, so don't hesitate, let me know what you're searching for. (worth 290$)


9. You become part of our Academy Facebook community.

Our private Facebook group where you can ask your questions, get inspiration, get support form your peers and build up long-lasting friendships with fellow creatives.

10. Regular reviews of your materials. 

I'll be there for you looking through all the things your creating for the business side of your creative adventure, marketing materials, your website, pitches your sending out, ... what ever it is I'll take a look at it and give you advice on how to approve it. 



At the end of our 6 month together you'll have...


a sparkling creative business

Even though I can't promise you a certain amount of money coming in, I can tell you if you do the work, use the advice your getting and take massive action you will see big results! Results that match your vision of a sparkling creative business, because I know their isn't one size fits all.


a plan, focus & clarity

Big part of achieving your big goals is to know what you want, focusing on it and creating a step by step plan to get there. We'll make sure you create those plans, get the clarity and focus to know what to do when and how. The plan your creating is not only for your time during the Academy, but also for all the greatness that will happen afterwards.


collaborations & friends

During your time in the Academy you'll be surrounded by sparkling creatives that are on the same path as you are. You'll be reaching out to fellow creatives your admiring, business that you could collaborate with and start being out in the world, so there is no chance you’re going to end up all alone without new friends and collaborators to cheer you on.



What we can help you achieve:

the sparkling creative Academy,

You'll be joining the Academy for six months at a time, which means you have plenty of time to focus on your goals. So here a few things we can help you achieve...

  • Creating and launching your website, online shop, podcast,...

  • getting money in the door

  • setting up a clear marketing plan

  • creating funnels

  • putting systems and automation in place

  • growing your community

  • growing a team

  • leveraging video and audio in your business

  • setting up a structured order fullfilment center in your studio

  • becoming visible in your creative field

  • getting routines and structure into your work day

  • and so much more!!!




For whom is the Academy designed for?


‘The Aspiring Artist'

You know what you want to create, but you’re entirely new to the creative world. 

You know you want to make a living as a creative, but you need some guidance to find your spot in the creative jungle.


‘The Creative Power House' 

You’re already a professional creative, you have experience with the creative environment, but you struggle making a living. 

You want to live your dreams, without wondering how to pay the rent next month.


 ‘The Free Spirit’

You have no idea how to manage the tech side of your creative adventure, but you do know that you should probably learn how to handle all the digital stuff.


‘The Creative Super Hero'

You’re amazing in collecting all the knowledge you need and setting up a plan to accomplish your goals, but you never actually do what you’ve planned. 


the sparkling creative Academy,

Who the heck I am:

I'm a painter and jewellery designer, formally trained in fine arts, living my creative dream.

This dream I live is something I've always known possible, even though at times it seemed far, far out of reach, sometimes even impossible.

Somewhere on this journey as an artist, I discovered that I was not only a passionate artist but also a marketer, a business lover, a true entrepreneur, but also a lover off the woo woo.

In the beginning, I fought the urge to bring all my passions together, however at a certain point I realised how perfect those passions go along.

Yes, I've always had some creatives tell me that art, a spiritual practice and business won't get together, but I never stopped believing they would.

Since starting out on this crazy creative journey,

I've started to dreaming about a world where you won't get asked how you’re able to make a living if you tell someone you’re an artist, designer, stylist...

I'm dreaming of a world where the starving artist isn't even a memory of the past.

I do believe that it is possible for every creative to make a living from their passion!

The only thing we need to realize is that we'll have to leave those ancient doubts behind us and start to open up to see us as creative entrepreneurs.

We won't have to change what it is where creating; we just need to add in some simple yet effective business strategies and mindset.



Shoot, doors are closed!

However, I would love to keep you in the loop.

We'll be opening up the doors later this year, just join our waitlist and you'll be the first to know it.

I promise it's worth the wait and I always have a special something for all my loyal waiters!