You've done it!

You're a sparkling creative, a full time creative, people know about you and your creative business.

However, things still don't feel like you thought they would. With the new level came a new devil.

  • You're exhausted, not knowing where to focus on first.

  • You're still struggling with the money side of things, even though you should be fine because there is money coming in the door.

  • You feel like you need to get systems into place quickly, reach an even bigger audience, hire that studio assistant you've been thinking about for a while.

  • You're ready to focus on automatization, handing things off, putting a real PR strategy in place and skyrocketing your overall growth.

  • You don't want to admit to your friends and family that you're still doubting yourself big time.

Does this sound more or less like you?

Don't worry we're all hitting this point in our business journey, the point where we finally felt like things are working out, only to shortly afterward find our self in a place that feels even more chaotic and scary than before, because it's time to level up.


Time to stop the bootstrapping and time to drop some more money to get the help, knowledge, and tools we need to create a lasting creative business.

One in which you have time to focus on the big picture. Where you won't have to sweat about if your clients get the care they need when you're not around. One where you can take a break and go on that much-needed vacation.

If your searching for a business coach that will help you build your way out of this crazy mess than I'm your gal!

I'm here for your jumping into the weeds with you, holding your hand through making the tough calls a growing business demands you to do. Helping you gain back control and the freedom you dreamed of when starting this creative business with yours.

If you're still with me here, then let's talk about my one on one coaching program and let me help you figure out the right next step for your creative adventure.



What you'll get during our

six months working together:


1. Three Intensive sessions (2 hours long each).

During your Intensive session we'll be coming up with the strategy and action plans, you crave, and that will help you gain back control.


2. Weekly one-hour long 1-1 coaching sessions.

Where we'll focus on the specific needs of your business, answering your questions, strategize and work on your business. A big part of our sessions will be elevating your mind-set. 


3. Regular reviews of your materials.

I'll be there for you looking through all the things you're creating for the business side of your creative adventure, marketing materials, your website, pitches your sending out, ... whatever it is I'll take a look at it and give you advice on how to approve it. 


4. Direct access to me via Voxer and email.

So you never need to wait for our next 1-1 call to get the help and advice that you need to make decisions quickly


5. Plus everything that's included in the Academy.

A full-blown business assessment, the monthly focus calls, monthly Q'nA calls, an accountability partner, access to all my training courses, access to the tech vault and you become a member of the Academy Facebook community. If you want to take a look at a bit more detailed information about the Academy you can find it here.



Just to give you a heads up on the Investment. Chatting with me and having a fitting call is completely free, no strings attached.

If you're interested in one on one coaching, you can decide between either paying in full 3497€ (about 3497$), or you can choose six payments of 697€ (about 697$).



When and how do we get started?

Before you’re ready to become one of my private coaching students, I'll love to have a conversation with you one on one.

Working together over the next six month is quite a commitment, so I want to make sure we're the right fit. After we've both decided we're right for each other, and one on one coaching spots are open on my calendar, we'll get you started right away.

I can't wait to hear from you and see how I can help you transform your creative business.

One on one coaching spots are as you probably can imagine limited, so make sure to reach out to me quickly before someone else snags away your spot.